What is VIDEOPAK and Why is it so AMAZING?

VideoPak is a brilliantly simple yet memorable physical-digital marketing product that fuses video screen technology into bespoke print.VideoPak combines Physical, Digital, Print & Video into one exciting & interactive proposition. When combined, they are a highly effective force in helping you stand out and be remembered.

Why is VideoPak so EFFECTIVE?

Important people are time-poor with little time to digest marketing messages – so grabbing their attention and standing out in aheavily saturated market place is the key being recognised and making a lasting impression.

  • Physical AND digital in your hand
  • Forms a bridgebetween physical media and a brand’s online space
  • Incredible open / viewing rates (often as high as 100%)
  • Will be shown to others
  • Wont be thrown away
  • Current
  • Multi-sensory
  • Can be re-useable
  • Highly engaging &Interactive
  • Targeted
  • Memorable
  • Attention grabbing
  • Impressive ROI’s
  • Personalisation options

VideoPak Ideas for Uses

  • Promotions
  • Press releases
  • PR
  • Marketing
  • Brand identification
  • Communications
  • VIP focus
  • Direct marketing
  • Give away’s / hand outs
  • Events & exhibitions
  • Promotional brochures
  • Luxury invitations
  • Luxury business cards
  • Showreel’s
  • Door opening – getting in front of VIP’s

Competitive Edge

Brighter & More Colourful LCD Screens

Our LCD is 25-30% brighter than most suppliers around the world for 2.4”, 4.3”, 5” and 7”.

Memory Size

Depending on the VideoPak you choose all paks come with a recommended memory size that can be upgraded if required. Please enquire with us.

Screen Viewing Angle

The screens used by the vast majority of video card suppliers have poor visibility when the video card is lying flat on the table. Most screens looks dark / black at such angles, however our screens can be clearly viewed.

Battery Life

Most suppliers provide 4.3′′ and 5′′ screen units with 500mAh battery (providing 1.5 hour of continuous playtime), however our units are produced with an 850mAh battery, providing 2.5 hours of continuous playtime.


Our chipset supports 14 video formats @ 720 x 576 resolution(29 Frames per second), however the cheap alternatives from China support either AVI or MP4 format only @ 480 x 272 resolution (25 Frames per second)

Battery Charging

We have developed superior charging technology that allows for the battery to charge even when the unit is closed (electronics are off). Competitor product functions differently whereby the packs need to be manually opened to allow charging.


Our VideoPak units are designed to look & feel elegant whilst functioning with sophistication. Starting from the electronic bootup, customized opening logo, closing logo, buttons, sound, brightness, charging screen, card finish, and assembly are optimized to the highest degree.

Quality Standard

As market leaders and product innovators, we are the only company that has consistently improved our quality and product range since 2009. Where many competitors focus on cheap pricing, we focus on product creativity, quality and superior service, along with highly competitive price. Market traders for this product are unable to control the quality of each component (such as battery, LCD screen, self adhesive tape), because they are unaware of what components the Chinese suppliers are using in their products. We purchase every single component from a known and trusted source, giving us full control.

VideoPak is the original and leading manufacturer of Video brochures to the trade and end user. We specialize in protecting the brand names and status of our clients who have devoted time developing and maintaining their company image and products and our clients appreciate our high quality