Is Impressing Customers & Prospects important to YOU?

To get your message noticed in today’s world, you need to get more personal, more engaging, more interesting and more thought-provoking than ever.

There are a few key fundamentals that can help increase the success of any Marketing Promotion campaign and this marketing mix should include:

The Importance of Physical

We live in the real world. Clicks, bytes and pokes have their place. But something real, something they can pick up, open up, touch, feel or even smell will tell them more about your business than an email they don’t open or a website page they don’t visit.

Physical Is more ENGAGING

Physical Is more INTERACTIVE

Physical Is more TARGETED

Physical Is more MEMORABLE


The Power of Print

Print offers TANGIBILITY

Print ENGAGES our minds

Print is available in SMALL and LARGE numbers

Direct mail uses its ability to TARGET –  gain access to people’s home and lives

Print gets your ATTENTION and KEEPS it

Print encourages higher levels of EMOTIONAL connection

The PHYSICAL connection of print encourages higher levels of activation in the reader’s brain

CONTINUED evolution and advancement

The Importance of Interactivity

Standing out: engaging & interacting with your audience helps build consumer LOYALTY BRAND AWARENESS

Print media now offers effective ways to ACCESS DIGITAL CONTENT  using ‘bridging technologies’.

Interactivity allows CHOICE and RELEVANCE SELECTION

MEDIA-MIX integration

An effective marketing campaign works best when MULTI-MEDIA STRATEGIES are used

People are more responsive to a message if there is INTERACTIVITY involved.

Latest innovations form a BRIDGE between physical media and a brand’s online space, triggering consumer reaction, feedback and purchase via the digital world.

INTERACTIVE INNOVATIONS increase the effectiveness of physical media, as well as enhancing the consumer experience.

The Power of Personalisation

Incorporating personalisation ‘THE PERSONAL TOUCH‘ within your business is important to ensure you are successfully targetingyour audience.

Personalisation allows a company to SHOW-OFF how it can relate, communicate, and interact with customers and prospects.

Personalisation helps convert INTEREST into SALES through superior connection and increase recurring conversions (repeat purchase) advocacy and retention.

Because personalisation catches the ATTENTION of the consumer, response rates increase.

A successful personalisation strategy will create LOYALTY, nurture and strengthen existing loyalty and trust from your customers making for improved repeat business too.